Photo: Wingtip

My Granddad stood 6 feet 5 inches. When he took me to church, he seemed to tower over everyone, with his 3piece suit and polished shoes I felt like a little princess and he was the king. My Granddad was my first memory of a gentleman. He made sure that he was always walking on the outside of the sidewalk. When I asked why, he smiled and simply said ‘I am a gentleman and you are a little lady’.

An exquisitely dressed man walks with confidence and power. I found out later that my Granddad had his suits custom made. I am intoxicated in a tailor’s shop such as Wingtip Bespoke, with all the beautiful fabrics. The luxury of having a suit custom made is definitely a measure of a gentleman, pun intended.



Even tough my Granddad did not smoke cigars; the gentlemen in my life introduced me to the luxury world of cigars. I discovered that I like cigars, especially the lounges. Yes, there are some of us ladies, who actually like the smell of a cigar and might I add, enjoy an occasional smoke.

I found myself really attracted to the cigar boxes, beautiful, of which I repurpose in my home as an accessory. The best cigars Davidoff have great cigar boxes, and yes exquisite cigars. Cigar Aficionado