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Living With Phyllis

An Urban Food Show

An Urban Food Show


As we moonwalk into our third season, it blows our minds how far we have come. The Living With Phyllis Urban Food Show is a show hosted by Phyllis Bowie known for her hosting and appearances on ABC, TVOne and HGTV. This food show airs on Public Access SFCommonstv every Saturday at 1 pm – 1:30 pm. We are happy to announce what our show has transitioned into for our 2018 season.

Living With Phyllis is a food show that reviews wine, restaurants, food trucks, and pop-ups. Phyllis interviews chefs and demonstrates how poor and low-income folks can shop local farmer’s markets at a savings and cook great meals on a budget. Phyllis somehow gets chefs to tell her some of their secrets. In My Kitchen segment, she shares how to cook easy economical restaurant level meals using some of these chef tips.

We strive to erase the stigma and shame that surrounds food stamps and lack of food security. The San Francisco Bay Area has some of the best restaurants in the world. This show is for those foodies that love to hear what chefs have to say, want to know where to dine and enjoy drooling over great food. This show is also for those that after the rent is paid, going out to eat is a rare luxury. Did you know that if you receive food stamps you could go to most San Francisco Farmer’s Markets and double your $10, once every day? 

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