Phyllis' Picks

Photo: JCB Wines

I fell in love with luxury at the young age of 8. My Mom took my brother and I to dinner The Mark in the Mark Hopkins Hotel - Top of The Mark. Wow, my mouth was wide open as we entered the lobby, the grandeur of the chandelier and the sweet smell of fresh flowers, seduced all my senses, I was hooked.

My definition of luxury is any and every thing that makes you feel good. Luxury Consciousness™, is one of my design principles I use regularly. Luxury Consciousness™ has little to do with price, and all to do with how it makes you feel.

I came across the most amazing Black Truffle Almonds. I eat them by the hand full, add to salads and pair with cheese and wine – perfection!

One of my favorite places to luxuriate is my bed. Did you know that most luxury hotels offer their bedding for purchase? The Ritz is one of the hotels that offer exactly that, from the mattress to the duvet – The Ritz Bedding. Why not have a little of The Ritz at home every night!

I light my favorite candles – JCB Candles, crawl up in my luxurious bed, and pour a crystal glass of Raymond Generations, nimble on almonds and dark chocolate – pure heaven – Luxury Consciousness™ try it.

Note: Coming soon - LWP blog article Luxury On A Budget