Transformational Speaking and Workshops Series - Work and Life Balance, Live Your Dream Life

Phyllis has now combined her love and experience of lifestyle TV hosting with her passion to make a change in people’s lives’, by developing a speaking and workshop series. This transformational series has helped women, traditionally oppressed minorities, Veteran women and Disabled, to use tools learned to create an easy breezy well-balanced life!

Phyllis’ workshops are unconventional – No Flip Charts, No Notes, No Lectures. The Zen like environment with floor pillows and yoga mats set the stage for empowering conversational style workshops. There will be Inspiration, Transformation, Affirmation and lots of Laughter. Phyllis deliberately walks participates through a series of thought provoking questions. Dreams and joys are as individual as each unique person. These workshops take you on a journey to discover your own custom well-balanced dream life. These workshops’ journey is paved with mind expanding visual arts, videos and music.