Phyllis Bowie internationally recognized Television Host and Interior Designer, as seen on ABC, TVOne and HGTV, has put down her fabric swatches and picked up a fork and knife! Phyllis has turned her love for her native city of San Francisco and her passion for everything food and wine to create the Living With Phyllis Urban Food Show.

On this show, Phyllis interviews chefs, reviews local Bay Area restaurants, shares quick, easy and affordable recipes from her kitchen and shows how to shop local farmer's markets on a budget and how to double your value if you are using food stamps. Living With Phyllis Urban Food Show will make you hungry, provide informative restaurant reviews, share nutritional facts and ultimately help support food security for all regardless of your income.


Stay tuned as we follow Phyllis through the streets of San Francisco one plate at a time, one glass at a time, even on a dime! 

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