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Chef Jeremy Jong Interview - Braised Lamb & Fried Rice




Braised Lamb Shank & Grits - Chef Jeremy Jong of Pa'ina Restaurant located in the Fillmore District shares his secret recipe and shows us how to make a low cost quick and easy meal for our family. He actually shows us how to braise lamb or any tough meat with Sake. Incredibly delicious. Chef Jong puts the braised lamb on a bed of creamy cheese grits. I love the quickly sauteed Brussel Sprout Leafs and Cherry Tomatoes he puts on top. The crunchy veggies balanced out the richness of the lamb, butter sauce, and grits. I hurt myself eating the last bite. He explains how he was introduced to grits by an older woman from Louisiana who prepared grits for the restaurants' family meal. During my interview with Chef, he also shares with us a low-cost recipe for Fried Rice. We follow Chef Jeremy Jong in his kitchen and a sit-down interview and my restaurant review of Pa'ina on Chef Jeremy Jong interview video on The Living With Phyllis Urban Food Show

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Paina Lounge and Bar Restaurant
1865 Post Street
San Francisco

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