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Fillmore Jazz Festival 2019 – Food Edition

By Phyllis Bowie


BBQ Oysters - Butter, Lemon & Garlic

The truth is I enjoy all festivals – street festivals, music festivals, cherry blossom festivals, but when it is up the street from my home and on Fillmore street, I am extra excited. This was the 36th Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival. I was honest with myself this year, food is my priority – funnel cakes, corn on the cob, garlic fries, chicken on a stick and the list goes on and on. The first day I was very early because I took my morning walk in Alta Plaza park. After a refreshing brisk walk and 3 sets of 10 pushups, my summer routine, I headed to the farmer’s market for my weekly shopping. Once I turned onto Fillmore the festival had not officially opened but Aroma Concessions booth was ready for business as the smell of Smoked Turkey Legs and Garlic Fries filled my nostrils. I could not resist. I ordered the BBQ Oysters. VIDEO OF OYSTERS ON GRILL


BBQ Oysters

It came with three perfectly plump oysters swimming in butter garlic deliciousness! I did my farmer’s market shopping apologizing to everyone for my morning garlic breath. Once I walked back up Fillmore, the festival was in full swing. The smooth sounds of rhythmic horns and keyboards filled the streets. I walked back up Fillmore street headed home and found myself back at the same Aroma Concessions booth and ordered the Smoked Turkey Leg, Garlic Fries and Chicken Kabobs to go. VIDEO OF TURKEY LEGS


Smoked Turkey Legs

The turkey leg was smoked through to the bone. It was very moist and juicy! The next day I had not planned to go to the festival, but those oysters were calling my name. So after running my Sunday errands, I took a short detour on my way home. This time I went straight for that oyster booth. I ordered the oysters I was fiending for. What I enjoyed the most, was the oysters were served right from the grill, so I could pick the three oysters I wanted straight from the grill. I believe these were different oysters from the day before. These were Blue Oysters from Washington. Unlike those from Saturday, these oysters were long and plump. Perfect for grilling over a flame because they charred on the edges but stayed plump and moist. I have had grilled oysters that were small and could easily be over cooked and dry. These were the exact opposite, so good.

After scarfing down the oysters I ordered the turkey leg to go and an order of garlic fries. I took so long taking pictures for this blog post and video for IGTV, the fries were cold. Aroma Concessions was so kind they gave me a fresh hot order. Which I added a few big pumps of catsup and devoured the hot garlic fries in minutes. VIEW FULL VIDEO

I took the long way home and walked through Hamilton Rec Center’s grass field. I was happy to work out a little to quail my garlic fries’ guilt. What I was not guilty about, was not sitting and listening to the great jazz performers. I do appreciate jazz and I love live music, but I love festival food more.