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My Kitchen: Chicken w/ White Wine Mushroom Sauce

By Phyllis Bowie


Chicken w/White wine Mushroom Sauce

$5 per serving 45 minute prep time - I love discovering new ways to level up a simple chicken and sauce dish. I took 2 packs of Organic Chicken Legs (about 3 lbs) washed, dried and seasoned with Himalayan Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper and browned in a little EVOO. I removed the chicken and deglazed the skillet with a Monterey California Sauvignon Blanc, added sautéed thinly sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms, Tarragon, Shallots and capers. Returned the browned chicken to the skillet and simmered until tender and cooked through about 25 minutes. Tip - Leg and Thighs are the less expensive cuts of chicken and take longer to cook than white meat. So make sure to check that it is completely cooked. Use a fork to check the biggest piece, when juices run clear you are good to go. On a budget no problem you can use a whole chicken. I wait for the organic whole chickens to go on sale or managers 30% discount (usually exp date sensitive), also family pack chicken legs can be as low as .99 per pound. Get organic when you can but if not in your budget or not available in your community, a good alternative is to read the labels look for Grass Fed, Free Range, Air Chilled and no Antibiotics no Hormones. Tip: always wash your chicken with cold water and cook completely. When I do purchase a cheaper quality chicken, I will wash and leave in a glass container in the frig with sea salted water for 6 hrs or overnight. Prep Video


The level up was adding the Tarragon and Capers. It added that slight hint of licorice with the Tarragon and a briny saltiness from the capers. Instead of rice or mashed potatoes I poured it over a bed of Baby Organic Spinach. Whenever possible use fresh herbs from your local Farmer's Market. My local market on Fillmore Street did not have fresh tarragon, so I used dried, which was perfectly fine. Ingredients Video and On Stove Video

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I really enjoyed adding new things to a simple chicken dish. The Tarragon, the Capers and the Fried Shallot Rings garish took this dish to a restaurant level. Try it at home, so easy. Plated Video


Chicken with White Wine Mushroom Sauce

One of the many things that makes a home cooked restaurant level meal is presentation. Not only did the fried Shallot rings add a crunchy sweetness it made the presentation pop.