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MY KITCHEN: Fast Food - Salad with Chicken & Mushrooms Leftovers

By Phyllis Bowie


Salad with Chicken White Wine Sauce & Mushrooms

I created this quick salad with the last of my weekly Farmer's Market Haul. I basically, took the last of the veggies in my frig. Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Onions, Avovado, I dressed with EVOO and reduced aged Balsamic Vinegar and topped with crumbled aged Blue Cheese. These are my staples - avocado and cherry tomotoes. Having the avocado as a staple is a challenge. The challenge is buying them hard and then waiting for the magical 1 day window when it is perfectly ripe, before it is unripe with dark spots. Tip: I buy 4 Avocados weekly from my local Fillmore Farmers Market. The trick is to select all 4 in differant stages of ripeness. 1 ripe ready to eat, 1 slightly soft, 1 medium hard, 1 very hard. This trick provides me with ripe avocados for 5 days! Salad Video


Farmer's Market Salad ingredients

I call this fast food because I use all the salad veggies I have on hand. To complete the meal I usually add raw walnuts and raw almonds or warm lentils. Today I had leftover Organic Chicken Legs in White Wine Sauce. View Chicken Video

I discovered canned white wine from Trader Joe's. It is perfect, since I am not a big fan of white wine, I do not have to buy a whole bottle just to make a wine sauce. I know white wine sauce sounds fancy, but with these cans of wine it is so easy and convenient. I simply deglaze the saute pan with 1 can of wine, add herbs and a little butter and magic a fancy wine sauce in minutes! View the Simpler Wine video


Simpler Wines Perfect for quick Wine Sauce

Fast Food can be fresh and easy, it just takes some planning. I usually choose 1 day a week to prepare the protein for the week. I really enjoy grilling for a full day and while the coals and wood is just right I throw everything on the grill then refig some for the week and freeze the rest in 2 serving size containers.

Try this for your family. Fast food - 1. prepare meats once a week, store serving sizes in freezer 2. Shop the Farmers Market once a week - have a list of staples that you and your family really like. Mine is avocados. If I have arugula, tomatoes and avocado, I always have on hand the makings for a great salad! For this fast food salad, when I heated up the leftover chicken legs in white wine sauce, I simply added sliced mushrooms. This created a fresh and delish mushroom and wine sauce. Try it I am sure you will love it. Video Mushroom Wine Sauce


Fast Food Farmer's Market Salad w/Leftover Chicken & Mushrooms