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Shai Lai Seafood Restaurant Review

By Phyllis Bowie



Dim Sum

Do you like Dim Sum? Well, I have passed by Shai Lai Seafood Restaurant for years on my way to Grocery Outlet. I was either in a hurry or not hungry. I noticed it was always crowded and the crowd was majority Chinese. To me that is an indicator of authentic Chinese food. So the other day it was the perfect storm. I was not in a hurry and I was Starvin' Mervin! I walked in and I was so surprised to see only a few tables occupied. I was getting excited to have practically the entire place to myself. Until I noticed the time was 2:25pm and they closed at 2:30. I could see the 'I want to go home' look in my servers eyes. So I rushed with my order and she helped a lot. I only have had Dim Sum with my friends who really know Dim Sum. So my solo debut was a little intimidating, because there were no photos to point to. The service was great, but my server and I had difficulty communicating. So we pointed, smiled, nodded and laughed a lot. Can we talk dumplings? I have been obsessed with the soup dumplings. I watch folks on Instagram and Youtube sucking out the rich soup then biteing into the savory meat inside. I was able to communicate that to my server Wei. Except for those and the potstickers, I was not sure what she ordered for me but all was delish. I looked up the photos of Dim Sum and I think I have the correct names of the 3 dumplings I ate. Dim Sum Video


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings


Chinese Soup filled Pork Dumpling

By far the Potstickers were my favorite, so fresh and crispy on the outside. I like the crispness because the dumpling is not as doughy, you know what I mean?


Potsticker Bite

Next time I go I will do my research and look at Dim Sum photos and names. I really liked everything. However, I will say, I was not a big fan of the Leek and Seafood Dumpling Shumai. I will try something different next time.


Leek and Seafood Dumpling Shumai

Shai Lai Seafood Restaurant is on The Living With Phyllis Smart Eating Out List.

When in San Francisco you must go for Authentic Dim Sum at Shai Lai Seafood Reataurant. If you speak Mandarin you will be ahead of the game. Enjoy.

6255 Geary Blvd,
San Francisco

-------A Living With Phyllis Critic's Pick------
Cost: $$ Moderate
Food: *** Excellent
Service: *** Excellent - it helps if you speak Mandarin!